Thursday, December 17, 2009

Laura Mercier

So I shared my love of Sephora with my cousin (I would tell you her nickname, but she'd probably kill me since she reads my blog). I feel slightly guilty since now she probably has spent more money on make-up than she has her entire life.  She, in turn, shared her love of this kit:

Awesome.  I have acne-prone skin and this stuff is amazing.  It's all oil-free and it has a compact with two concealers,  one for under-eye and one for redness, both are some of the best I've used.

Now she and I have ruined you all :)

(On a side note:  My sister-in-law was over last night and I talked her ear off about make-up.  Sorry G,  I don't get a lot of 'girl-time'  if you can't tell!)

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