Thursday, September 22, 2011

Without fail.

When I shop I'm not a person who likes to interact with people. I know, you're shocked.

Don't try to sell me anything,  I don't want anyone following me around--I'm what I'd call a "do-it-yourself" shopper.  This is why I shop at places like Sephora instead of Nordstrom's cosmetic counters.  I've usually done my research and I know exactly what I'm looking for. I go to stores where I can find it, buy it, and leave.  I find sales-people's "suggestions" for "other products I might love"  completely irritating, so I avoid those situations altogether. (Don't get me wrong, if I had the money to try random suggestions, I'm sure I would love them.)

Once in a while, however, I need help finding something.  I'm using Sephora here as an example, but this has happened to me many places.  Sephora has clerks milling around everywhere.  They usually ask you when you first walk in if you need help and if you say no, they'll let you be.

Unfortunately, by the time I realize I need help, I've already sent every clerk to hills which leaves me in the situation of trying to hunt one down. 

Every. Single. Time.  I pick the ONE undercover security guard that doesn't know anything about the products or where to find them. They always have to get on the walky-talky radio thingy and ask for help.  Immediately six real clerks are there to help me.

So, not only have I broken my no interaction with a clerk rule, I have now taken over every clerk's attention in the entire store.

Don't worry, the irony is not lost on me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's that you hear? Crickets?

Hi all!  It's been a while, I know.

K-man and I did something very out of character over the weekend:  We ditched school on Friday (shhhh...don't tell),  flew to Seattle, and went to an Ani Difranco/John Prine concert with my lovely Dad and his wife!

The concert was held outdoors at a winery and it was fabulous.

Now I am playing catch-up.

--When I was in junior high, I begged my parents for a tree frog.  At the time, I don't think I realized what I'd be feeding it.  They got me a really cool colorful one and I named it Cobi after my favorite US soccer player.  The downside was I had to feed it live crickets.  I tried not to let on how skeeved I was over the crickets (after begging for the frog), but I don't think I did a very good job at hiding it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Orleans' answer to Cee Dub.

I was worried when I moved that there would be no replacement for Pocatello native Cee Dub's "Dutch Oven Cooking" on the local PBS.

Look, they're friends!

Fear not, I found my replacement

LOVE this guy.

I also love that I run into people around here that actually speak like that.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I've been seeing a lot of advertisements for these lately.

Now, I appreciate wanting to give someone something functional and edible instead of flowers as a gift, but what do you do with this?  Is it a gift for fifty people? Does it have some amazing chemical on it that keeps it looking and tasting fresh forever? Why not just give a fruit basket? There are just so many questions.

I have this mental picture of the recipients sitting down and eating their weight in fruit to try to avoid wasting it before it goes bad.  I also have this mental picture that no one would be able to accomplish that and the arrangement would look like this in a couple hours:

 Seriously, so many questions.

I'm turning to you, internets:  Have you ever received or given one of these? Was it fabulous?  Should I go get one immediately? Will it change my life?

Yes, I did photo-shop this myself.  Can we say I have too much time on my hands due to being stuck indoors thanks to a tropical storm? K-man said:  "My wife, ladies and gentlemen--nothing but productive."

Friday, September 2, 2011

To say it's been a bad hair day would be the understatement of the year.

Tropical storm Lee has been pouring on us all day.  Crazy.  The wind is supposed to start tonight and major flooding tomorrow.

The one good thing about the moisture is a bunch of tiny frogs have emerged on our deck!  They are so freaking cute.  They range in size from smaller than a pea to about the size of a penny.  They're too active to get a good pic, sorry.

I hope you all have a good Labor day!