Sunday, October 30, 2011


Whenever we visit K-man's family, I request that we make a trip to the Pittsburgh strip district--a great area with ethnic markets, fish markets, restaurants, etc. K-man's favorite comic book shop is located in the strip district, so we can usually make an afternoon of it.  The last couple of times, we also made an evening of it by dining at the fabulous Lidia's of Pittsburgh. One of our favorite dishes is her ossobuco alla Milanese. It is so amazingly delicious.  Seriously, I dream about this dish. Here is a picture of it from her cookbook:

(I hope that worked; I've never tried to embed a screen from a Google book search before.)

We have always wanted to try and make it, but it would have been too expensive to try and make as poor grad students in P-town, Idaho.

In  the past year, we have slowly checked off the necessary items/things needed for making this dish off of the list:

1.  Lidia's cookbook.  A gift from my brother!  (check)
2.  A specialty Italian store.*  (check)
3. A reasonably priced, specialty butcher.  (check)
4. A kitchen with enough room for two people working together on a very involved recipe.  (check!)

K-man did most of the work on the Ossobuco with me acting as sous-chef.  Then we switched rolls for the Risotto alla Milanese (my first try at true risotto). Here is our final product:

Sweet Jesus, it was good.  Totally worth the effort.  I think it may have been the best thing we've cooked together.

*Yes. This is where Anthony Bourdain went for a muffelata in his last New Orleans episode.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Student email of the day.

"I was in your office yu wasn't there when do yu want me come to give you my doctor note"

 That's it-- no name, no punctuation, and no indication of what class he/she is in.

 Is it really that old-fashioned of me to expect my students to treat an email to their professor differently than a text to their friends?

I get emails like this daily.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Apartment

I'm going to show each Klimas family member's favorite part of the new apartment.

First let me show you what I hated most about the old apartment; the kitchen.  This is a picture of the kitchen in the middle of me trying to cook dinner. Absolutely no counter space.  It drove me bonkers.

Here is the new kitchen:
Not only does it have ample counter space, there is also an island with MORE counter space.  It's the perfect kitchen for someone who loves to cook.  I'm going to get spoiled.

K-man loves the walk-in shower.  He calls it his quintessential 80's movie bathroom. All he needs is the soundtrack to Risky Business.

I love the bathtub.  This thing is huge.  All I need is a walkman, a Prince tape, and Richard Gere offering me $3000 for the week.

The kitties love the fenced in porch.

Did I mention the 12 foot ceilings?
This apartment has about four times the usable space that the old one did, which is exactly what we wanted. That being said, it is a bit of a Monet (as Cher on Clueless would say).  Everything in the apartment is slightly off, for lack of a better word.  For example, every single switch plate is crooked and missing at least one screw.  The mirrors above the sinks in the (2 1/2!) bathrooms are slightly off center from the sinks. Random things like that.

I've decided it will be a good exercise in controlling my OCD tendencies.  I'll let you know how it goes :)

The oddest thing about the apartment is the bathroom in the master bedroom doesn't have a door....something we failed to notice when we toured the apartment the first time.  Now, K-man and I are comfortable with each other, but we're not THAT comfortable. We spent one night in the master bedroom and the next day moved our bed into the other bedroom.   So now the master bedroom is our office and our dressing room, lol.

Even with all the quirks, we love the new apartment and we love the new neighborhood. 

I hope you all had a good weekend!

The Walken Dead

For my Walking Dead fans.

(via i09)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh Gob.


Btw, how excited am I about the supposed new episodes?!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We moved!

That's right, we now live in New Orleans proper.

Pictures soon!  (as soon as the apartment is organized)

Needless to say, I've been busy.