Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I like Dexter

Anyone who knows me would probably assume I would never watch the show Dexter in a million years. Serial killers generally freak me out. Violence generally freaks me out. The opening sequence of Dexter is like a check list of things I CANNOT watch. But, I love the show. It's genius because Dexter is presented as a serial killing super hero. Today K-man shared this awesome Dexter motion comic. I thought I'd share it for those of you who watch Dexter.


  1. Gratuitous violence doesn't bother me, so I luuuurve Dexter. However, I am with you on the opening credits. They freak me out SO much. The extreme close-ups on chewing and flossing? GAG. And of *course* they had to use a blood orange instead of a regular one, right? As I joke to David every week during the credits (with my eyes closed), "Sooooo visceral". LOL!

  2. Totally! I have to literally leave the room during the opening credits. I'm such a whimp!