Monday, May 9, 2011

Tip: Don't send chatty social types to give a workshop to math people.

I attended a workshop today that lasted 7 hours.

Here's the thing, for the amount of information I actually got, it could've been done (efficiently) in an hour-- scratch that, it could have been done over a one-page email. So ridiculous. Why doesn't this company realize math people are not very hands-on? We don't need to role-play every scenario, in fact role-playing is considered a form of torture. Seriously. They might as well have been sticking bamboo shoots up under my finger nails.

I have to go back tomorrow for more torture training.

*Something you might not know about me:  I'm a huge fan of street art.  My brother influenced  me because he's always been into it.  The above is by Banksy.  Over Easter weekend, K-man and I did a Banksy tour of New Orleans and drove all over the city.  K-man's a good sport. Anyway, it was a really great way to see a bunch of the neighborhoods we'd never been to. I'll post pictures soon.


  1. Ooh, love Banksy! Can't wait to see the photos! Sorry you're in torture training. If it's any consolation, I have both been there and done that. :-). --Denise

  2. I'll post soon! BTW we're coming to the burgh late june and early july. We would love to get together with you and Dave.