Saturday, June 4, 2011

We watched the movie Parenthood yesterday....

and this:
reminded me of a post I wanted to do a while ago.

A few weeks ago K-man and I went to a "Mad Hatter" party*.  The dress code was garden party attire with (of course) hats. This poses a problem for both K-man and me because we have gigantic heads.  Really, think about it.  Have you ever looked at our heads? They're huge.


 We ended up spending an afternoon searching for hats that would fit our heads.  Excuse me, hat companies? Women's heads are not "one size fits all".  

It actually made for a pretty entertaining afternoon.

(That's a large, folks.  Isn't K-man a good sport for letting me post this?)

My situation was identical.  We did finally find some hats that worked, but it took quite a while and a lot of stores. Moral of the story:  if you're going to throw a theme party and you want us to come, please don't require hats.  Thank you.

*What is it with hipsters and theme parties?

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