Sunday, October 30, 2011


Whenever we visit K-man's family, I request that we make a trip to the Pittsburgh strip district--a great area with ethnic markets, fish markets, restaurants, etc. K-man's favorite comic book shop is located in the strip district, so we can usually make an afternoon of it.  The last couple of times, we also made an evening of it by dining at the fabulous Lidia's of Pittsburgh. One of our favorite dishes is her ossobuco alla Milanese. It is so amazingly delicious.  Seriously, I dream about this dish. Here is a picture of it from her cookbook:

(I hope that worked; I've never tried to embed a screen from a Google book search before.)

We have always wanted to try and make it, but it would have been too expensive to try and make as poor grad students in P-town, Idaho.

In  the past year, we have slowly checked off the necessary items/things needed for making this dish off of the list:

1.  Lidia's cookbook.  A gift from my brother!  (check)
2.  A specialty Italian store.*  (check)
3. A reasonably priced, specialty butcher.  (check)
4. A kitchen with enough room for two people working together on a very involved recipe.  (check!)

K-man did most of the work on the Ossobuco with me acting as sous-chef.  Then we switched rolls for the Risotto alla Milanese (my first try at true risotto). Here is our final product:

Sweet Jesus, it was good.  Totally worth the effort.  I think it may have been the best thing we've cooked together.

*Yes. This is where Anthony Bourdain went for a muffelata in his last New Orleans episode.


  1. Okay, first, osso bucco is my favorite thing on earth. Bar none. Period.

    Second, David and I adore everything at Lidia's.

    Third, that looks faaaaabulous. You guys really did Lidia proud! I'm drooling looking at it. The next time you come here, we are going on a double date to Lidia's!!!! Yay!!!!

  2. OMG, that looks fantastic! And yes, we must make a trip to Lidia's. :-)

  3. Yes! Andy and I had already talked about the four of us going there while we're in Pittsburgh over Christmas.