Saturday, December 3, 2011

A few thoughts from the last couple weeks:

1.  I have some incredible students this semester--enthusiastic, thoughtful, and dedicated.

2.  My family and friends are awesome.  I had a great time in Pocatello over the holidays.

3.  The last few months, K-man and I have changed our diet/lifestyle and have been gradually losing weight and just getting healthier in general. Before Thanksgiving, my weight had hit a "plateau" (as they call it in the diet industry), which was really frustrating. During my visit to P-town I threw caution to the wind and indulged in everything.  I LOST WEIGHT!  What?!!

So I've decided this will be my diet henceforth:
--my Stepmother's delicious leftover stuffing WITH gravy
--copious amounts of wine
--Grandpa's Punch, as we call it in the Kahm family (a delicious concoction of bourbon, sprite, and maraschino cherries, amongst other things)

4. The woman next to me on the plane on my flight home made the Sky Mall catalog last close to 2 hours.  She must have read every single word in the catalog, it was incredible. She didn't even touch the in-flight magazine; you could tell she had been looking forward to the catalog for weeks. 

5.  I appreciate all of you that read my blog despite its many typos and grammar errors :)

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