Monday, October 26, 2009

Yummy Tortilla Soup Recipe

[link to recipe]

I am a sucker for Tyler Florence's recipes.  Generally, I don't make them often because they usually aren't very good for you.  Anyone who has watched this show has heard him say things like: "I love bacon!" and "Now add a little butter, like half a stick."

His tortilla soup recipe is great (and healthy). The first time I made it I did not fry my own tortilla chips because I was lazy.  K-man made this last night and did fry his own tortilla chips and it was totally worth it--do NOT skip that step!  To make it super easy, he used store-bought organic chicken stock and shredded a roasted chicken for the meat.

*note: The picture is a 'representation' of the soup (via flckr), we ate our soup before I realized I wanted a picture! It did look like that, I swear :)

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