Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection Review

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"A complete spring eye, lip and cheek wardrobe - designed by Bobbi. Palette has one bright eye shadow plus four coordinating shades that make it wearable. For lips and cheeks, there are three shades of Pot Rouge. Imagine the possibilities."

I got Bobbi Brown color strips in Orchid (no longer available, but they do still have the other two color choices, bonfire and aquamarine, which are both gorgeous). This is my first experience with Bobbi Brown and let me say I'm seriously impressed.  The colors are all super flattering and I love that she has multitasking products.  The pot rouge is great for lips and cheeks.  I've never been a fan of cream blush, but this one is subtle and you don't look like a clown when wearing it.  I love the two shimmery eye shadows the best.  They're also subtle so you don't look like a glittery teenager.  Because I'm a packaging nerd, I will comment on the packaging:  It is a super smart design.  Both strips of color have a clear plastic covering attached that lays flat on them when they are not in use.  This way, the colors can't mix together when the compact is closed.   I've had problems with eye shadows mixing in the past, so I really appreciate this feature.  At the back of the palette is a mirror that is actually usable so it will be great for travel.  I find most compact mirrors pretty useless. All in all, this is a rave review!

Update:  one of the blogs I go to is having a color strips giveaway, not very many people have entered so far so the odds are pretty good!  Head over to BeautySnob to enter.

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