Thursday, April 28, 2011

I miss the bugs in Idaho.

This time of year, the  mosquitoes come out in New Orleans.

This is my leg:
Both of my legs look like this.  I won't be able to wear dresses for two weeks because I don't want to look like a friggin 30-year old who came down with the chicken pocks. 

Yes, I did get bit all the time in Idaho, but at least there you can feel them bite you. You say: "hmm, I just got bit, maybe I should go inside." Not here. These bites are all from one night.  K-man and I sat outside to drink some wine in the coolness. I got all of these in the amount of time it takes to drink one glass of wine.  That's some messed up crazy-ass shit.

Moral of the story: I'm in the market for bug repellent.  Please give me your suggestions for deet-free repellent.  I know you world travelers I'm related to have to have some favorites.

Here is the other bug on my mind right now:

This is the buck moth caterpillar. These things fall on you from trees and their spines get stuck in you.  Their spines are little tiny tubes filled with poison.  Afterwards you get nauseated, dizzy, and a crazy rash forms.

Let's talk about the caterpillars in Idaho.  They are cute, cuddly, and awesome to play with. We make songs about them, do sixth-grade projects with them, and watch them turn into butterflies.

Now I'm living in a city where it is literally impossible to avoid trees and I spend my day darting around like a crazy person to spend as little time under them as possible. Luckily their hatching season is almost over.

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