Monday, April 4, 2011

A little of what has been going on...

This week was K-man's birthday week.  I'll post about that soon, but here I'm going to talk about my first Yelp Elite event.
This week was the first Yelp Elite event I've attended.  It took place at the bar at Loft 523 (a boutique hotel my brother and sister in-law stayed at when they visited us). The event was awesome.  Free food, free beer, cheap cocktails, a bunch of swag, and a ton of mingling.  NOLA yelpers are seriously awesome.

Guess who was the bartender?  Jemmye from Real World New Orleans. Most peolple didn't notice because who cares about the Real World any more? I found my true Yelp friends by seeing who recognized her.  (Yes, I AM shallow).

My friends told me later that Knight showed up after I went home and wanted to after party at a sketchy bar.

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