Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Awesome nail polish!

I just tried Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Polish ($3). This stuff holds up to its name (even though it is annoyingly redundant and misspelled). I used it in 'petal-pusher', a nice soft pink, right before I walked to school and it dried in less than 60 seconds. My problem with fast-drying nail polish I've tried before is the application; I always end up with streaks and uneven color. The genius of the Insta-Dri is the brush. It is large, flat, and has a contoured tip--one swipe coats an entire nail. Sally Hansen must have some smarty engineers working for them, seriously.

When I'm short on time, this will definitely be my go-to lacquer. Of course, if I have time, my all-time favorite nail polish is OPI's 'I'm not really a waitress', as long as we're on the subject :)

In a couple of days I'll update this post and tell you all about the durability.

*update:  It lasted 3 days without a chip, that's really good for me because I'm really hard on my nails (chalkboard, chalk, etc.).

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