Sunday, January 30, 2011

Best pepper mills ever.

For months I had to use this POS when cooking:
It is a dual grinder that you put pepper in one side and salt in the other.  It's fine for table use, but for cooking it sucks the big one.  To get enough pepper/salt out, it felt like I was using one of these:
For months I kept wondering why my forearms were sore. I finally realized it was the pepper mill. As soon as I realized it I bought new mills:
Oh my lord, these are awesome. It's uber easy to set the grind size (there's a dial at the top) and it is, by far, the easiest grinder to fill I've used. The grinding mechanism is also very high quality.  I would recommend these to anyone.

For the record, I find all of OXO's products to be great.  I don't know their (environmental or political) policies--mainly because The Googler* doesn't find anything, but I do love their products.

*My cousin in Portland told me about a professor he had that called any computer  "The Googler".  I liked it so much I stole it.  I'm not proud. And yes, I wrote this comment in case he reads my blog, which I'm pretty positive he doesn't.  I didn't want him to call me out :)

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